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Skin health and beauty

Rest and relaxation are helpful for the health of your skin.

Skin is our biggest organ. In most cases, until it shows signs of aging or illness, we do not pay any special attention to it. When diagnosing, experienced doctors look at the skin as equally informative about the state of the body as laboratory results. The skin health and beauty are not only a matter of being attractive, but they also speak about the behavior, habits, characteristics, mood and psychic state of a person.

Why is it important that the skin is healthy?

Protect your skin from insect bites as they can carry disease.
Every wound is the entryway to infection.

Healthy skin performs its functions, and this isn’t a small number or do they hold no importance for the body.

The first and basic function of the skin is the protection of the organism. It is an anatomic barrier between the outer and inner environments. In case of damage to this organ, it is an open door for various infections and diseases. The skin is a semipermeable membrane. This means that on the one hand it prevents the loss of body fluids and is waterproof, which prevents the rinsing of nutrients from the body. On the other hand, through it, various substances can be absorbed, through patches, iontophoresis or by ordinary lubrication and rubbing of medicines in the form of lotions, creams or gels.

The skin is “in charge” of thermoregulation. It performs this function by expanding and narrowing numerous blood vessels, which regulates release and retention of heat, as well as by excretion or sweating. For the maintenance of life, the sensation role of the skin is also very important. It contains numerous nerve endings, which send information to the brain. This causes timely reactions of the organism to heat, cold, pain, contact, pressure, vibrations, etc. And finally, the skin, moderately exposed to the sun, synthesizes vitamin D.

When is our skin beautiful?

Only healthy skin can be beautiful.
Dehydrated and old skin quickly grains wrinkles.

Skin health and beauty are inextricably linked because of they the first cause and the condition of the other. This organ can have its own diseases, some of which are caused by different organisms. For example, an itch mite causes scabies, even if you have never seen a person with this disease, you know that the word does not mean anything nice. So, above all, it is necessary to keep skin hygiene, protect it from excessive sun exposure, injuries, infections and insect bites.

Of course, additional care and treatment can’t be harmful if properly selected and applied. In gist, there are three types of skin greasy, dry and normal, but combinations are also possible. This is not enough for a good selection of products and treatments, as this body is not always in the same condition. The skin stores water and lipids, therefore it can be dehydrated or not. Depending on the genetic heritage, the state of the organism and life habits it may be prone to irritation, hyperpigmentation, allergies, hair growth, wrinkles, or having a network of visible, cracked capillaries. Of course, it is more beautiful when it is smooth, hydrated, elastic and soft, and without scars, or stains.

Skin health and beauty are accelerated by natural products

Manufactured products for the skin can be harmful by making it dry.
You can choose your own ingredients for the homemade soap.

On the market, there is a real flood of various products for hygiene and skin care. Most are industrially manufactured and contain artificial additives. Here we will just give a few remarks about natural products that you can make and use on your own. Natural fruits, such as lemon or cucumber, are known to have a beneficial effect on the development of cosmetics. Today honey and caviar are also popular, and seasonal fruits, yogurt, olive oil, chamomile tea, sage or mint, yeast and other foods have long played their role in skin care.

Many elderly dermatologists have recommended glycerol soap only and have spoken about the lack of home products available. Today, there are domestic soaps on the market. They are easily produced at home and can become a source of additional earnings. Variations are innumerable, depending on the creativity of the creator. Also, the needs of the skin for which they are made and the ingredients that are available. As the base of these soaps, there are various ingredients such as caustic soda and fat or glycerin. They can contain different essential and scented oils, dried flowers, teas, charcoal or food products. This gives them the proper properties of medicinal products, color, odor or granulation.

Detoxification of the skin

Skin health and beauty depends on genetics and life habits.
Detoxification of the skin is dry brushing.

Today, there is a lot of talk about detoxification of the organism, which mainly refers to nutrition. Of course, proper nutrition affects the state of the whole organism. Skin health and beauty depend on the diet, but also the specific detoxification of our largest organ. This process is called dry brushing.

It is only necessary to get a brush made out of natural materials with a long handle. Then engage in this activity for fifteen minutes each morning before showering. It is important to follow the appropriate direction of movement to accelerate the lymphatic drainage. So, brush straight, not circular movements, legs from the foot to the top, arms from the palms to the shoulders, the back from the top to the bottom, and the stomach in the opposite direction for skin health and beauty. Avoid areas where the skin is sensitive, sick or injured. Use light pressure on the parts where the skin is hard and rough. For example on the soles of your feet.

It is ideal to complete the process by showering, with which you spray the dead cells off. Use homemade soap and finish the wash by changing the water temperature by going through three warm and cold cycles for a few seconds. This accelerates the circulation, excretion of toxins and nourishment of the skin. After brushing off, which is particularly pleasant because the final cycle of the shower is cold, rub in natural oil according to your choice or need of your skin.