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How to save health during the winter

Ice cristals on the wood

It seems that it is the hardest to save health during the winter. There are so many reasons for that. Firstly, there are so many contacts with the different people in small spaces. There are also so many foods, and it is not very healthy for the organism.


A tea in glass cup could save health during the winter
The warm drink could help us to save health during the winter

However, it should not be so hard to save health during the winter. There are few ways for preparing the body for cold weather. The most important is to stay on the common daily routine as much as possible. Do not change habits that you had before winter and holidays.


The first thing that we change during the winter is nutrition. We must admit that there is no fresh food in markets. However, there are other reasons for that.

  • People are usually under stress before holidays and do not much think about the food;
  • Considering low temperature, our body needs a warm and fast meal that will bring back energy – unfortunately, we usually buy fast food;
  • We know that it is hard to walk when the holidays season is, we late literally everywhere so it is not easy to think about the cooking and preparation of the food;
  • Usually, people eat much more during the holiday season;
  • People take food as comfort and consolation – it is hard to save health during the winter when eating so much mostly with candy and sweets.

The most important during the holiday is consuming as much healthy food is possible. Healthy nutrition is a model for a healthy and long life. There are few ways to achieve that.

Take more proteins

When our body loses energy, it asks more carbs. However, it is not that smart replacement. Carbs increase the energy, but shortly, and then drops it again. Our body demands a new dose of energy but taking more carbs presumes more calories. The smart resolution is more fish and other proteins.

Fish and rosemary
Fish and rosemary – the perfect combination to boost your memory

Eat more C vitamin

Well, everybody knows that we should eat more C vitamin, food and vegetables. However, there are no many green vegetables in Serbia. Or, it is better to say, we do not have a habit to eat them. Do not avoid them anymore. Put vegetables like kale, spinach, and mangel as a daily routine.

Eat more herbal spices

People in Serbia mostly eat salt and pepper as the only spices. However, in order to save health during winter take an herbal replacement. That presumes thyme, basil, and oregano.

Practice more

Besides the food that we should practice more. Working out, whatever hard is, will surely save our health during winter.

Practice as much you can outdoor

Even this looks like mission impossible, you should practice outside as much as possible. Just be careful because of ice and possible breaks.

Practice in your own house

It is hard to go to the gym when is cold outside. It is better to practice at home alone. You will surely have more motivation. Besides that, you can organize yourself as you want. You can practice in more series, or make longer and often brakes.

Do more stretches

It is for sure that stretches will make your muscle tonus and tendons stronger. Those are common problems with our muscles during winter. Our stiffens are hard, so we will most likely damage them. Besides that, learn to practice yoga. That extra breathing will surely increase the oxygen level. That save your health during winter.

Practicing is a great way to boost your energy and immunity

Change the routine in order to save health during winter

It is the hardest to move and change the mood during winter. After holidays we usually stay at home which could lead to depression. Change that mood by changing small habits and daily routine.

Sleep longer

We know that sleeping saves health during winter. It is important to sleep in the ventilated room. However, do not heat it too much.

Wash hands

You already know that washing hands make immunity stronger keeping bacteria away from you. You can take one of the preparations for boosting the immunity. It is always better to take natural remedies first.

Change the mood

Before all of these, change your thoughts first. Surround yourself with friends and family. Go outside and a deep breath. Those small things will help you to save health during winter.