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Proper Care of Hands and Nails

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Sometimes we think we know everything, so what are the proper care of hands and nails. However, although they stand in front of us every day, we ignore or completely ruin them. Our hands and nails are actually fully used throughout the day. Their care is also beauty treatment.

Hands hold so much during the day they deserve special treatment

Proper care of hands and nails is not that easy

Although we are aware that we have to keep them and nurture them, we often neglect or cannot properly carry about our hands and nails. You should adopt a number of procedures so you can nurture them.

  • Proper care of hands and nails implies keeping them from harmful influences every day;
  • Hands and nails need to be hydrated daily;
  • Nails require special treatment and attention;
  • Cleanliness is half of health, so keep your hands and nails clean;
  • The skin of the hand is always rough and sensitive, so it needs to give special attention to them.

Although they act as a series of impossible demands, proper care of hands and nails are not that difficult. It is necessary to adopt these rules and include them in everyday activities.

Hand care

Hands are our touch with the outside world. This means that they are exposed to cold, heat, dry air, wind and water. All this affects the skin health and beauty. Proper care of hands and nails involve carrying the skin.

Use milk to wash your hands

Avoid strong soaps. Instead, use gels and milk for washing. Choose those who have propolis or aloe vera. If possible, avoid antibacterial gels for washing hands.

Avoid too cold and hot water

No matter what job you do, make sure you do not expose your hands to too high or low temperatures. People who have steady cold hands should not be exposed to hot water. Sudden differences in temperature lead to skin and blood vessels cracking.

It is neccessery to massage your hands

Use oils and masks for the skin

The health and beauty of the skin are maintained in many ways. For skin care, it is not enough just to lubricate them with creams. Proper care of hands and nails also means nourishing them with special preparations. Sink them in a hand mask once a week or lubricate the oil before bedtime. Some people also recommend using anti-wrinkle cream. It is certainly necessary to protect them from the sun during the summer. Also, afford your hands a massage, because massage and health are closely interconnected.

Nail care

As far as nail care is concerned, it is necessary for them to be strong and healthy, in order to prevent scab and scabbard. Proper care of hands and nails also includes special creams and nail treatment.

Nails after maniquer
Nail care includes aestetic procedures, too

Do not cut the cuticles, nurture them

Improper cutting of cuticles can lead to bleeding and infections. It is best carrying them with oils and prevent rupture and damage. In addition to the oil, proper care of hand and nails also includes the proper nail care accessories.

Stick your nails, do not cut them

Although it is easiest for us to cut nails, it leads to their scraping and tearing. Buy a good file and shorten them by filling. In this way, the nails will be stronger and will not break.

Do not nibble nails

Everyone knows that, but it’s not a surprise to say it. In addition to being a very nasty habit, nail nibbling creates a very ugly impression. Try to get rid yourself from this habit with the help of gels and nail drops.