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Preparing good and healthy food

Preparing good and healthy food means keeping as many nutrients as possible.

Nutritionists point out that besides the careful selection of foods which we bring into our bodies, proper meal arrangement, and the way we eat, there is another key factor, too. This is the answer to the question about preparing good and healthy food for the organism. This topic isn’t present only in the modern world. People have always kept recipes with careful food preparation notes. We all know that the same meals don’t have the same taste, depending on how they are made. For a healthy organism, it isn’t enough to have quality raw materials, but the processing depends on what will be the final result.

Jesus explained: raw and without meat

Carefully and thoroughly wash your fruit and vegetables.
Jesus’ diet – fasting, raw and without meat.

In the “Gospel of the Peace of Jesus Christ” by John, he writes that he advised his followers and listeners to give up all animal produce, alcohol, and narcotic poisons, and freely surrender to the medicinal properties of raw fruits and vegetables as well as fasting. He also emphasized the important role of the environment, the cleanliness of the air, the unpolluted water, and soil. The sunlight that he describes as healing, in later centuries, has changed in its nature, as well as other environmental factors thanks to man’s reckless actions.

That is why it is necessary today to thoroughly wash the foods we consume raw. In their crust, there are substances that are necessary for good digestion, but also there are numerous chemicals. In terms of food preparation, Jesus advocates fresh, unprocessed foods as the healthiest. John literally quotes Christ’s words: ‘Your bodies will look like your food, as your spirit resembles your thoughts. Therefore, you should not eat anything that has been changed by fire, winter, or water. For, cooked, frozen or spoiled food burns, cools and poisons.’ In the end, he concludes that whoever doesn’t follow these guidelines can be compared with this allegorical picture: ’The man who sows on a field cooked, frozen or rotten seeds. When autumn comes, he will not have anything from his fields. And his disappointment will be great.’

Preparing good and healthy food – without frying

Preparing good and healthy food takes frying out of the occasion.
Cooking oil used a few times over is carcinogenic.

The unhealthiest methods of preparing food are in fryers, by frying in crumbs and frying in fat. This kind of cooking adds unnecessary calories and leads to body weight problems. Then, saturated fat and high cholesterol. If you re-use your cooking oil, it will contain dark particles that are toxic and even carcinogenic. Frying in crumbs is, in addition, quite bad for blood vessels. If you dream of the taste and smell of these kinds of meals, try to replace your tools. Pots for healthy food with Teflon bottoms, dry cookers and certain brands of dishware help you keep your health and save energy.

Cooking – healthier, but less delicious

An important and common method of preparing food is cooking. It requires water heated to 100 degrees or some other liquid at a boiling temperature. This way of preparing foods is less harmful to the health than the previous, but also, due to the high temperature, destroys some nutrients. Most people consider cooked meals as less delicious. So, they cleverly use variations of the cooking method, such as steaming, blanching, poaching, and pasteurization.

Preparing good and healthy food is easy by sautéing

The healthiest food is prepared in its own juice and with water. And then, with the addition of a bit of olive oil is added. Vegetables and other foods let out their juice this way. So, there is a very desirable combination of tempting scent, and the oil doesn’t lose any of its beneficial properties. Preparation is fast, the nutrients are preserved, and the meal is tasty. That is why sautéing is the best way of preparing good and healthy food for the organism. There are, however, people who feel disgusted with the sauté meals, as they aren’t appealing to the eye.

Why shouldn’t there be roasting and grilling?

Preparing good and healthy food means cooking and sauteing.
Grilling is acceptable – but only sometimes!

Roasted food is prepared by using dry heat in the oven. This form of cooking prepared a crispy, delicious outer layer of food while the kitchen is filled with a delicious aroma which makes the mouth water. So, we get both the taste and the smell, while the food also has desirable organoleptic properties. Of the two opposite approaches, putting food in the boiling oven, and lowering the temperature or gradually heating up to the end of preparing the meal when the heat rises to the maximum, the latter is healthier.

It takes longer but produces less negative consequences for the body. Grilling is an acceptable weekend festivity for the whole family. However, there is one condition – all the food must be prepared at the temperature of at least seventy-two degrees Celsius on all sides. This, you can check with a meat thermometer. I don’t know anyone who has one, though, aside from professionals, of course…

A few notes at the end:

Use your microwave only when absolutely necessary. If you need to heat something up or defrost in a hurry, that’s alright.

Preparing good and healthy food is based on keeping the important nutrients and the structure of food. Hence, as Jesus said, it’s best to eat raw and without too much meat!