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Natural Cough Remedies

Tablets that are not that good as natural cough remedies

It is important for many to know which are natural cough remedies. On the one hand, this is a very boring and persistent habit. On the other hand, many would not want to use drugs and preparations if there are already natural treatments.

A child with tissue
Cough is usually not a sign of the diseases

What is the cause of cough in people and children?

Cough causes many, but most of them are not directly related to the throat or diseases in it. It is important to know that in many cases cough is not dangerous, no matter how boring it is.

  • Most cough is caused by a throat infection, but if it remains on it without exacerbating the disease then it is not hazardous to health;
  • Sometimes cough occurs only because of an irritated throat, then it is best to use natural cough remedies;
  • Sometimes coughing occurs as a result of allergies – see the best natural allergy remedies;
  • In some people, coughing occurs as a result of acid in the stomach that irritates the throat;
  • Sometimes an important cough indicates the dryness of the throat and mucous membranes in the stomach;
  • Cough can sometimes indicate serious illness – especially when it is followed by temperature, chest pain, and bloody sputum.

Whatever the cause of the cough, you can natural cough remedies. If you prefer natural remedies, check our natural remedies for hair loss, too. However, after you have checked the health of a doctor, turn to nature. Your doctor will tell you if there are any other causes of cough that can only be treated with medication.

Doctor examines a child
The doctor only can say if your cough can be threated with natural remedies

Food can help to get rid of cough naturally

Although it does not affect directly, food indirectly causes or intensifies cough. It is clear that strong food, such as hot or spicy foods, intensifies cough. In such situations, the change of diet itself can help.

Honey and tea

Sometimes they are the simplest medicines at hand. Hot water in a tea relieves throat inflammation, accelerates throat secretion and reduces cough. The honey, on the other hand, treats its mucous membranes with its ingredients and relieves the symptoms of cough. It contains traces of propolis, the strongest natural antibiotic, which will relieve throat inflammation. However, due to its composition, it is not recommended to give honey to children under one year old.

Drink plenty of fluids to get rid of cough naturally

Water lubricates the cells of the organism and those that are in the mucous membranes of the throat. In this way, they will throw away harmful substances and recover. The fluid further lubricates the throat, so it is less irritated. You do not have to take only pure water. You can try both black and green tea, juices (but only if you have naturally squeezed them without sugar). If you drink water, take only warm.

You can get rid of cough naturally very easily

Sometimes, only a small change in habit is enough to prevent or alleviate cough. Sometimes we ourselves and without knowing we irritate the throat and cause a cough. Changing some habits, such as smoking, can help to get rid of the cough naturally.

A woman smoking
You should change some bad habits in order to prevent cough

Changing your diet is one of the natural cough remedies

If the cause of your cough is stomach acid, then the change in diet is one of the natural cough remedies. Avoid chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and strong and spicy foods. Take more fruits and vegetables.

The shaking of salt water

Saltwater draws water from the bacterial cell by the so-called osmosis. That way they die and your cough stops. Shake salt water several times a day and then spit it out. If you are looking for steam inhalation, you work several times a day. For children, it is recommended that the bath is filled with steam and then it is kept for some time in order to inhale the steam.