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How to Treat Sunburns

Woman on the beach

When summer comes, everyone likes to know how to treat sunburns. People forget that prevention is much more important. The sun is very dangerous and every burn appeared shows a lot of time being exposed. Do not forget that your skin and body is warning you when you are too long in the sun. Follow signs that say it is sweating, thirst, dizziness or burning on the skin. If you already have sunburns they have multiple shapes.

A woman who spent too much time on the sun so she should know how to treat sunburns
Sunburns show that you have spent too much time on the Sun
  • First of all, there is an unnatural and bright redness on the skin – unfortunately, not immediately, but after several hours when the damage has already been made;
  • The skin is dry, painful and touchy;
  • Of course, there is severe pain after several hours of sunshine, and then the most important thing is how to treat sunburns;
  • It’s not too late to get away from the sun as soon as you start to feel skin burning or the skin is very warm;
  • The skin can burn on the Sun and despite the protection – it can not protect the long exposure to the sun after bathing and if the UV rays are strong.

Burns occur due to the action of UV and IR rays penetrating the skin and damaging it. Long-term exposure to sun and unburnt burns can cause consequences. If you do not know how to cure sunburn, it is best to contact a doctor or pharmacist.

How to treat sunburns by using liquid or medicine

There are beverages or medications that can help cure sunburns. In addition to those obvious, like water, you can also use medications that are used for a completely different type of problem.

Women on the beach
Always drink a lot of water when you are on the Sun


Drink plenty of water after exposure to the sun. Especially if you have problems with burns. This will regenerate the skin as well as the entire body. You should know the difference between bottled water vs tap water. In addition to burns, it also helps the body in other situations. Also, moisturize the skin as often as possible with neutral milk for the body.


Although it is not a cure for the treatment of sunburn, aspirin can help a lot. First of all, it will reduce pain. Further, acetylsalicylic acid regenerates the skin and accelerates epithelization. Follow the instructions for use and do not overdo the dose.

What to apply to the skin to cure sunburns?

There are skin care products that make skin and tiredness easier. Although many people turn to old recipes, such as sour milk, it’s hardly really effective. It is much better to take checked preparations or fats.

Do not peel your skin

Although it may irritate you, blisters that emerge after the Sun represent the struggle of your skin to regenerate. It’s best not to scratch them, but just apply the cream to relax. See the best natural allergy remedies that can help you.

How to treat sunburns when accompanied by pain?

Sunburns are unpleasant enough. If pain is followed, it’s even more unpleasant. It is best to combine the treatment of burns with some of the mild analgesics.

Legs with sunburns
Use cold cloth covers to heal skin with sunburns

Relax in cold baths

Maybe it does not look nice, but it’s best to cool the skin as often as possible. If you do not like swimming in the cold water, make cloth covers and cover them. Change and release the cladding periodically.

Do not go back in the sun

It is best not to expose the Sun again until the old burns have completely healed. It can take days, even weeks. If you are constantly exposed to the Sun, you are at risk of skin cancer.