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How to stay healthy

The best drinks are made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to folk wisdom turned into a proverb: “Health is the greatest wealth.” That is why it is necessary to keep it. When it starts to erode and loses to illness, it’s hard to get it back. If you think that we will reveal some mysteries in this article, you are wrong. The answer to the question of how to stay healthy is very simple. It is necessary to comply with several simple rules as much as possible.

When is that so simple, why are there so many sick people or people who endanger their own health? Well, as Lane Gutovic would say: “Everything that you like is either immoral or gets you fat.” So, this is kind of how these rules are made. However, if you do not perceive them as an imposed torture, but choose this kind of lifestyle on your own, you are on your way to being healthy.

How to stay healthy by avoiding toxins

Every kid knows that you shouldn’t smoke, drink, or take drugs. Yet, many adults are slaves to these vices. It is important to have complete awareness of what cigarettes, alcohol and various types of psychoactive substances, but also medicine, do to your body. To keep healthy, you need to give up such habits. Do not forget Aristotle’s saying, repeated by Cicero. “A habit is second nature.” That’s why it’s best not to form one! Later, it is very difficult to give up pseudo satisfaction and win over addiction.

Proper breathing will preserve your health

How to keep healthy with breathing isn't a secret.
All babies breathe properly, but adults forget how.

Without air there is no life! All people, by birth, breathe properly, with their stomach, using the diaphragm. Later they “forget” and make real problems for themselves. Additionally, they strain themselves while breathing, don’t get enough oxygen and don’t eject the air from the lungs properly. They reduce the capacity of this organ and endanger other organs and tissues with insufficient oxygen supply. Try to be in the clean air as often as possible and breathe slowly in order to keep healthy.

Intake of plain water is important for health

The first philosopher, Thales, said: “Water is the source of life.” Although many fear to consume tap water, there is no healthier drink than ordinary unpolluted and purified water. Studies show that adults need to intake about two liters of water a day to be healthy. In terms of other drinks, precedence should be given to teas and freshly made juices from seasonal, ripe fruits and vegetables.

The quantity and quality of sleep affects health

Shakespeare says in his famous tragedy: “Macbeth has killed a dream, an innocent dream that keeps the life …” How does one keep the health of the body with sleep? It takes eight hours of a good night’s rest. During sleep, we cleanse the body from the stress accumulated in consciousness during the day. Research shows that sleep positively affects the hormonal balance, heart function, and immunity. It improves the intellectual and physical abilities of a person. Above all memory, creativity, and coordination. Sleeping protects us from depression and makes us more vital, more beautiful, skinny and long-lasting.

Moderate and proper nutrition to keep healthy

Food, but also fasting, is good for health.
Proper food is one way to keep healthy.

Moliere said, “A man should eat to live, not to live to eat.” Nutrition is one of the most important ways of keeping healthy. By properly selecting the foods we introduce into the body, with their proper combination in rations and moderate amounts, we positively influence the state of the whole organism. Priority should always be given to raw foods. Also, the usage of integral cereals. When asked how to stay healthy through food, the simplest answer is to take from nature.

Light exercises are important for health

Mankind is, as a species, predestined to move. If they ignore this natural demand, their behavior endangers their own health. Everything from a walk in the clean air, through light morning exercises to swimming, running or dancing improves the health of the body. As the physical activity helps you keep healthy, there is a saying from the old times: “In a healthy body, dwells a healthy spirit.”

Regular physical activity helps you keep healthy.
Easy exercises and walks are good for health.

Servicing the organism preserves the health

As every appliance requires regular servicing, so does our body need cleaning and restoration. Each circuit extends its life with servicing. Do not forget that one of the greatest problems for a person. It is when their body becomes old. They can no longer himself “serve” themselves and become a burden to themselves and their surroundings. Therefore, inform yourself in a timely manner how to stay healthy and preserve the vitality of the organism. With sleep, we purify our mind, by fasting, scrubbing, and healthy eating, we cleanse the body from impurities.

In the end d – good measure

The ancient Greeks established the principle of good measure a long time ago in response to the question of how to stay healthy and preserve happiness. So, aside from accepting their advice, use your own reason and listen to the messages sent by your own body. Do not forget Lanet’s statement from the beginning of the text. Sometimes, we have to do something that does not really help us at the beginning. But, only until the body gets used to it. In any case, keep healthy with these simple rules and easily available resources.