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How to Reduce Excessive Sweating

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Excessive sweating is a very common problem for people of all ages. Not only is it a humiliating and unpleasant problem, but in some cases, it points to other health problems. Fortunately, some solutions are neither painful nor embarrassing about this problem.

People practice at gym
It is expected that you will sweat in the gym

What causes excessive sweating?

The first thing you need to know when it comes to this problem is that it does not always occur throughout life. In some people, it only exists in some periods during the year, in others only in certain parts of the body, such as under the armpits or hands.

  • In most cases, it is believed that the cause is wardrobe – in recent decades, more and more people are wearing synthetic wardrobe because it is becoming more expensive from natural materials;
  • Excessive sweating occurs in some parts of the cycle and menopause in women – it is very important to know what is best food for women in menopause;
  • Stress is known to cause unnatural sweating, even in air-conditioned rooms;
  • Those who eat spicy foods know that they can sweat harder, especially at lunches and parties;
  • Some people have a problem with the glands that secrete more sweat, and although there are natural remedies that quickly and easily reduce sweating, surgery may sometimes be needed.

The problem of excessive sweating occurs when the sweat is mixed with the bacteria found on the surface of the skin. Then the sweat smells unpleasant and creates new infections and fungal diseases. Such persons need to take a regular shower and wear only a cotton wardrobe.

How to act to prevent excessive sweating?

There are ways to prevent sweating without compromising your health. On the one hand, it should also be part of the culture. On the other hand, if you have this problem, it should prevent additional health problems. Keep in mind that sweating does not just happen by itself, but indicates that you need to change some habits.

You will sweat on higher temperatures

Use antiperspirants

In recent years, people do not trust antiperspirants, questioning their effectiveness. Likewise, some alleged research has shown that they cause cancer. Although there is no concrete evidence for this, people have begun to avoid them. Essentially, antiperspirants only prevent sweat from coming out and mixing with bacteria. It does not prevent sweating and cleansing of the glands. Hence its use is completely indicated and safe. The best thing to do is put it in the evening, after a shower. If they do not help, the pharmacy can also buy a special ingredient – aluminum chloride, which also prevents the sweat from secreting on the skin.

Wear natural clothes

This is very important for everyone, and especially for those who sweat. Choose from cotton, linen and wool clothing. Also, choose brighter clothes because they reflect light. Dress in layers so that when it’s hot you can take off the top layer of clothing. For those who have a bad leg odor, the most important thing is to wear cotton socks.

Man in shirt
You should wear natural materials if you have excessive sweating

What health tips do doctors give to prevent sweating?

And here are several common tips that doctors give to those who sweat excessively. However, everyone must find the causes of sweating for themselves and prevent them in their way. Sometimes just changing your diet and solving a big part of the problem is enough. Learn the impact of water on our health, too. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has invested a lot in the preparations and medicines that cure this problem.

What foods to avoid?

If you are sweating excessively you should avoid hot and spicy foods. Although people notice it themselves, it is sometimes difficult to give up their favorite dishes. Also, avoid coffee. Caffeine stimulates sebaceous glands and speeds up their work.

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