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Foot Care During Winter

Steps on the sidewalk

Foot care during winter is very demanding. The biggest problem is the weather and cold, which damage the skin. In addition, in winter, we wear thick socks that additionally dry out the skin, and paradoxically, because of sweating, fungi can be created. The foot contains many muscles and nerve endings, and are the most sensitive part of the body.

legs on the beach
Foot care during winter prepares them for the summer

Why is foot care important during the winter?

People usually ignore this part of the body in winter. They think they are not visible, and we probably think it’s enough to warm them up. Still, foot care during winter is very important.

  • Feet wears every day;
  • Provide support for walking;
  • Absorbing the steps;
  • The feet allow us to run,
  • Allowing the body to hold;
  • Foot care during the winter will make it easier for us to touch the ground during the flight and absorb energy.

Foot care in winter

Although it’s demanding, it’s not so difficult to apply foot care during the winter. It is generally necessary to undergo some treatments that we can easily work at home. It is important, however, to prepare natural and tested preparations.

Prepare the bath

Everyone loves a warm bath. Believe it or not, and our feet too. This does not have to be a particular specific bath. It is usually enough that the water is warm (not hot). Add essential oils or a bath to it. Foot spa care can also be your personal spa treatment.

Foot care during winter with water bath
The correct foot care is not hard for implementing

Take off deposits

It is very important to remove the heel from your heels with special files. If you use sharpen objects, you can damage the skin. Additionally, apply any damp heel remover only after they have sobered up. Otherwise, you will strengthen the dry skin layer and more difficult to remove later.

Fill nails

Foot nails also include foot care during the winter. Although they are not visible, do not ignore this part of the foot. File them with a nail file that you will use only on foot nail. You can also grease them with some of the nail enhancing oils.

Treat your foot massage

Again, like bath and feet, they like a massage. After a busy day and a long-standing massage, our feet need care, too. If you are not able, do yourself a massaging. It is enough to treat your fingers and separately exterior of the foot with massage. Use some of the essential oils as a part of traditional medicine.

Daily foot care

After you have undergone treatment, your feet are soft and smooth. Still, do not hold on to it. Make sure you comply with some tips every day.

Care your nails with oils

Although nails of the feet are neglected, their care does not have to be so heavy. To change this, change your daily routine for the benefit of your health. Take any oil and lubricate the nails after bathing. It is enough that nails and skin around them absorb oil well.

Baby's feet and a flower
After treatment, the skin of the foot is soft as a baby

Wear natural materials

Synthetic causes sweating of the feet and their suppression. Better carry socks from natural materials. Lately, bamboo socks are also recommended as a natural solution. Change your socks every day and make sure to change them when they are wet.

Wear always flat shoes

Although we love the heels, they are not recommended for winter. It’s much better to wear comfortable and safe shoes. When choosing footwear, take those that are at least half the number longer. So you can wear them with thick socks. In addition, foot care during the winter also includes natural footwear materials. This means you should wear only natural leather.