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Exercises for Pregnant Women – Stay in Shape

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Although very important, many pregnant women do not practice exercises for pregnant women. Most are afraid of injuries or some other problems that may arise. However, you should not be afraid of these exercises.

A pregnant woman belly
Pregnancy is a special condition, but not afraid of doing exercises

Why is it important to do exercises for pregnant women?

Pregnancy is a special condition that requires rest. This does not mean, however, that you should become sluggish. What’s more, exercise for pregnant women has multiple relevances.

  • First of all, exercise improves health;
  • For pregnant women it is also important to strengthen the back muscles and thus prevent pain in them;
  • Strengthening muscle makes your body easier to deliver;
  • There are special exercises that strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the pelvis (pelvic floor);
  • It is certain that you will maintain your postnatal weight and form.

To get the most out of the exercise and to prevent problems, you need to follow some rules. First of all, do the exercises 30-45 minutes a day. No more than that, and only to the extent of pain and fatigue. Wear comfortable clothes and hydrate. Use natural remedies that quickly and easily reduce sweating. Make some changes in your life. Adopt healthy nutrition for a healthy and long life.

Exercises for pregnant women who did not exercise before pregnancy

We hope that you have practiced at least morning exercises for better health before pregnancy. If you have not practiced before pregnancy, do not immediately start with heavy exercises. There are light exercises that will only keep your shape. Do not allow yourself to have any muscle inflammation or pain in the joints.

A pregnant woman walking
Walking is a perfect light exercise for a pregnant woman

Fast walking

This may be one of the simplest and certainly the easiest exercises for pregnant women. It is suitable for all pregnant women who have never practiced before. It is enough to walk fast for about 30 minutes every day. Try to wear comfortable shoes and avoid rough terrain.


It’s best to turn into a sport that can not hurt you and where you feel comfortable in pregnancy. It’s swimming. Not only you will strengthen the muscles, but also relax them. Of course, take a swimsuit that does not stitch you and shoes that do not slip. It’s good to go into the pool in those shoes.

Room bike

Exercises for pregnant women can be simple and adjusted to your needs. A home bike is a great thing for those who do not have the time or the opportunity to go elsewhere. In addition, these exercises strengthen the abdomen, which is very important for delivery.

If you practice before pregnancy you can continue with the same activities

If you’ve been practicing before pregnancy, and especially if you do it for years, you can continue with these activities and during pregnancy. In this case, exercises for pregnant women can be somewhat stronger and more demanding. Be sure to consult your doctor before each exercise.


If you have been practicing yoga before pregnancy, then feel free to continue with it. Yoga improves breathing and strengthens muscles and ligaments. Everything necessary for easy delivery. In addition, it affects the increase in bone density.


They act as a very difficult task, but squats are actually easy for pregnant women. Especially if the pregnant woman has already practiced before. It is only important to maintain balance.

Two pregnant women doing exercises for pregnant women
You can continue with the same exercises in pregnancy

Light aerobics

The aerobics are good for those who have been practicing before, and now they just continue with the same activities. However, exercises for pregnant women should be somewhat easier and should not burden their wrists. Make sure that you respond to each problem in your body and consult your doctor.