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Easy exercises for good health

Easy exercises help stimulate all your organs.

The modern lifestyle has impacted many needs of the human organism. Genetically, a human is meant to move. Though, today, we sit at work too often, sit in the car or any other vehicle too much on our way home, lie down in front of the TV or the computer, sit with friends at a café and then we go to bed and wake up tired from all the sitting. This all sounds quite unnatural, don’t you think? This is why Kuca Zdravlja Srbija is giving you easy exercises for good health in this short article.

The path to illness

With this kind of behavior, with life in the virtual world and not enough walking, in reality, people map out their own path to sickness. Stress, anxiety, osteoporosis, back pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or obesity can be some of the consequences of inactivity.

Easy exercises for good health

Easy exercises for good health and plenty of happiness.
A human is a creature of movement.

Easy exercises for good health are the perfect outlet for negative energy and they take away your attention from the source of your stress. In general, they also reduce your susceptibility to stress. Physical activity lowers the stress hormone’s, cortisol’s, levels and raises the levels of endorphin, the happiness hormone. Exercise is well-known as an antidepressive measure. If you dedicate but half an hour on a daily basis for it, it has been proven that it will help improve your mental health, as well as insomnia.

Exercising regulates HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol and the level of triglyceride in the blood. Finish scientists have discovered that a medium amount of physical activity and a balanced diet lower the risks of diabetes by half.

The lack of physical activity makes the top of the list for factors of heart disease and high blood pressure. Exercise stimulated the heart, but also parts of the brain which are in charge of memory and studying. Easy exercises for good health ensure better blood flow and access to oxygen to all systems.

Inactivity increases the feeling of pain, muscle rigidity and stress, which is especially a problem in the back area.

Regular exercise has a great impact on regulating body weight. The number of calories being burned rises, the metabolism becomes faster and muscle mass becomes larger. Toxins are eliminated from the organism, old fat masses are used up and new ones are slowed down.

Hence, easy exercises for good health are essential for a good lifestyle.

If not used, muscles disappear

Our muscles are meant for use and this is what keeps them healthy. Everyone who has had their arm or leg in a cast knows, from personal experience, that muscles atrophy. They ‘melt’ if they aren’t used. Each contraction helps raise the number of active motor cells per square centimeter. This means that the muscle keeps its size and power or increases them with constant, measured exercise. If not used, the muscle simply disappears.

Vital functions of the organism depend on muscles.
Muscles atrophy if they aren’t used

Without muscles, there is no life

This might seem exaggerated, but, remember. The heart is also a muscle. Intestines, stomach, the esophagus, and blood vessels function thanks to muscles. And, this is all without our conscious will. We breathe, also, with a muscle membrane – diaphragm.

Here, however, we will focus on the skeletal muscles, which depend on our conscious commands and their contractions which have an important role in the health of an organism.

It is scientifically proven that the bones of sportsmen and women are stronger and heavier than of those people who aren’t physically active. Due to the stronger contractions of muscles, bones are pressured more by the muscles which work with them. This makes the bone cells produce more tissue, slows down osteoporosis and degeneration of skeletal structure with age.

The influence of muscles on other systems in the organism you can notice completely on your own. If you walk faster, you will breathe deeper, taking in more oxygen. Your heart will pump with more power and the blood circulation will be better. You are expelling toxins from your organism, using up excess energy, and improving the workings of your digestive tract.

Why you should do easy exercises for good health in the morning

Easy exercises for good health in the morning bring a good say and a good night's sleep
Children who exercise have better results at school.

Various scientific studies have shown that even twenty minutes of walking does wonders for your health. Easy exercises for good health in the morning will put a stop to new and reduce old conditions.

If you haven’t got the time, try and rise a bit earlier. Forty-five minutes isn’t a lot to fit into your current morning schedule. After only three weeks your own body will adjust to the change. But, why?

After going to the bathroom, washing your face and drinking a glass of water, with your favorite playlist, it’s the best time to ‘steal’ at least half an hour for your own health. Because of the fact that these easy exercises for good health affect your hormones and speed up your metabolism better in the morning.

In the morning it’s colder. Exercising in the middle of the day, especially during summer, is difficult. And, during work it’s impossible. Stretching and warming up in the morning will help you become satisfied, more stable and stronger during different daily activities.

This is why children who exercise before going to school get better marks.

Easy exercises for good health in the morning and during the day increase alertness and concentration, and they also help you sleep better at night.