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Drinks for good health

Make drinks for good health on your own from fresh fruit.

When tourists from the wide world arrive in Serbia, first they are shocked by our habits of drinking tap water. To Serbs, it is completely normal to drink one or two glasses of tap water in front of their guests, as a part of their normal lifestyle. Foreigners, though, immediately think that their hosts have taken a great risk. They believe that tap water will make them sick or upset their stomach. However, drinks for good health aren’t always straight from the bottle. And, in most cases, they shouldn’t be produced industrially.

Drinks for good health: always water

Water is number one when drinks for good health are concerned.
‘Water is the source of life’ said the first philosopher Thales.

Although everyone knows the truth that without water there is no life, few people really understand and apply this maxim. According to research, a grown man should drink at least one and a half to two liters of water during the day. A quick pace of lifestyle disables people who are trying to apply this advice to really do it. In this sense, with nonaction, people endanger their own health. It isn’t dangerous to drink tap water as our guests from other countries think. Even, there are facts that support the opposite view.

German scientists have been researching the quality of bottled drinking water and the results are not satisfactory. In addition to already established bisphenol A, it often contains some of the over 20,000 toxic chemicals from its packaging. Hence, it isn’t really better than good old tap water. The only thing to pay attention to before drinking tap water is if it’s contaminated and to make certain it has been purified. Ordinary, non-carbonated, water is a drink that should always be in your routine for good health.

Drinks for health: traditionally tea

Tea is the most sold drink in the world.
Tradition values the medicinal usage of tea.

All ancient nations knew about the healing effects of tea. The history of using this beverage stretches for thousands of years into the past. The first written information about the medical use of tea originates in China. This is the country where the infamous drink came into being. The legend says that one of the wise and well-read rulers, Shennong, is the creator of this practice. In the third millennium before our era, he ordered that all the inhabitants of his country be obliged to boil water before use. He had realized that the possibility of infection was reduced. Of course, he personally followed this rule because of his health.

One day, when the servants brought hot water, the wind blew. It dropped several tea leaves into his bowl. When the water cooled, Shennong tasted a drink, which he quite enjoyed, and that was how tea came to be. Chinese legends and records speak of the healing and antitoxic effect of this beverage. Today, according to research by the world market, tea is drunk more than any other drink. There are numerous, different types of this beverage, prepared in many ways. Many are known for healing effects on European soil. An old Roman scholar said: “Why should we die when there is sage in the garden?”

For good health natural juices during fasting are the perfect drinks

There are authors who highly value fasting on juices. They consider it an enzymatic holiday for the body. It’s always recommended to use fresh and ripe fruit. Especially from the area which you live in. Exotic fruits and vegetables are harvested on plantations which are far away. Then large companies expose them to chemicals in order to artificially reach maturity and maintain their good looks until they reach their customers. Choose local, seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables. Unsweetened juices of these fruits, along with minerals and vitamins, contain enzymes. This way, they get into the body without cooking at high temperatures which would destroy them otherwise. Hence, they maintain the balance of the body and allow it to direct its energy to self-healing. These combined juices help with detoxification and often contain carrots and beets.

Drinks for good health: soy milk

Soy and rice milk are drinks for good health
Make soy milk on your own – it’s healthier!

More and more children and adults have an adverse reaction, intolerance or even allergy to milk and dairy products. That’s why nutritionists and doctors, as alternative drinks for good health, offer soy, rice, and buckwheat milk. It’s always better to make yourself a drink on your own from industrially manufactured foods of this type, though. In mass production, unwanted and unhealthy chemicals are almost guaranteed. Milk made from soybean is definitely a drink for good health. This is something you won’t find in the supermarkets’ products. Unlike soy powder or the soy milk in a carton container, the homemade beverage doesn’t contain emulsifiers that harm the body.

In the end

Remember that you personally can’t influence air quality, stressful situations during everyday life, or parasite attacks. What you drink and eat depends only on your choices! Should you leave that part of your life, over which you have absolute control, which significantly affects the quality of your life, to circumstance?