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Cleaning the organism by fasting

cleaning the organism by fasting takes junk food out of the diet

A Chinese proverb says: ‘Whoever is the father of illness, its mother is definitely bad food’. How to clean your organism is not just a modern question, but an inquiry spread across time. There are plenty of publications on the topic, in which various authors reply to this dilemma. Some of the advice regarding cleaning the organism by fasting are available online at

Cleaning the organism by fasting throughout history

The origin and early period of humankind demanded plenty of movement from each individual. It was in order to collect food, hunt or save their own life. Also, during this period there was no human who ate every day until they were (overly) full.

In the later periods of humankind development, due to the delegation of work and segregation of the community, differences in lifestyle and food habits appear and grow.

Despite differences, when we look at any religion present in the human population right now, there is the tradition of fasting, in one manner or another. In the Orthodox tradition of Serbian people, there are four annual fasts (Easter, Christmas, Petrovski, and Gospojinski), which last twenty weeks in total. While in our religion fasting, the willing absence of food and drink throughout the whole day, in the Muslim religion the restriction applies to a certain period of the day and it is combined with a medium amount of physical activity during prayer.

Humans are, before everything, herbivores.
All natural is best when cleaning the organism by fasting

Taking care of the soul and the body

Fasting in this sense can mean the abstaining from a certain type of food or from all food. Also, removing sinful thoughts, wishes, words and actions from your life. Prayer and fasting have an important role in Christianity as the soul and the body can affect one another not only during life but also in death if neglected. Fulfilling what it means to be human every person achieves in cooperation with the forces of body and soul. It is impossible to do without accepting the fast as both a spiritual and physical according to the orthodox teachings.

Detoxification of the organism – medicinal fasting

Detoxification is one of the favorite words today. And, with good reason. After the industrial revolution humankind has started to pollute the nature in large amounts. And, it is the man himself who feels the effects of this process because he is, himself, part of nature. Today, the modern man is trying to cleanse himself of toxins. And also, to limit the process of polluting the world further.

Medicinal fasting is used precisely for this kind of detoxification. Fasting is the combination of spiritual and physical relaxation which we can interpret as a healthy lifestyle. Due to these reasons, the fast has a few rules which are also present in medical abstinence: there is no alcohol consumption, no smoking, no usage of psychoactive substances, or drinking of copious amounts of coffee.

Cleaning the organism by fasting brings it to the state of balance, almost to the level of the genuine base metabolism. The body rests and digestive problems vanish. Due to this, the blood which used be directed towards digestion after a meal is now used for other systems. Peripheral blood circulation is better. The heart and brain receive more blood, and with it more oxygen. The workings of the heart, kidneys and central nervous system are made easier.

 Cleaning the organism by fasting keeps you healthy

A modern man eats much more than he needs because he lives in abundance. Food is available twenty-four seven. And, the marketing of the food industry in all possible ways stimulates the desire for food, which is mainly junk food, that is, waste. We are the witnesses of modern diseases such as obesity, blood fat, cardiovascular system disorders and depression. And, these are occurring in a growing number of cases.

Cleaning the organism by fasting brings longevity.
For cleaning the organism by fasting fruit and vegetables are essential.

A human being is genetically adapted to the constant movement and occasional fasting because the food wasn’t always abundant. Today, vice versa, we are always eating something, and we are moving less and less. Approximately 80% of the energy goes to food digestion and the organism doesn’t have the time to do other important jobs. Only when it is not busy with constant digestion, that is, during the fasting, the organism directs energy to detoxification and regeneration, strengthening the immune system. Fasting contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It brings the hormonal system into balance. Also, it strengthens the central nervous system and improves brain functions. Cleaning the organism by fasting renews and activates the internal potentials of each human being, improving and preserving health. The medicinal fasting, detoxification, according to the ‘better to prevent than to treat’ system, is in line with the principles governed by medical practice.

Fasting food and how to choose it?

Different authors who deal with diet and fasting do not agree completely whether what foods and how they are prepared are allowed during the fasting period. Cleaning the body by fasting should be tailored to each individual’s condition.

Most commonly, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, whole grains, fresh or prepared on water are included in fasting food. Though, some authors consider fish and olive oil also permitted. Nutritionists, however, prescribe a diet for each patient individually. There are authors who advocate cleaning the body by fasting. But, a small number among them has also prepared a package of food for that occasion. Usually, with a testimony of their own experience.