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Bottled Water vs. Tap Water: Which One Is Better?

When you are thinking about the impact of the water on your health and environment, there is always a debate: bottled water vs. tap water. Not only tap water is free, but there are also other many reasons why it is better than the bottled water.  

Yes, bottled water is easy to grab anywhere you go. But, also it is pricey and it is not free like tap water which is also easy accessible. While some people think that tap water contains chemicals others like scientists say that tap water is regulated and controlled, maybe even more than bottled water. Which one will you choose?

Flaširana voda
Tap water is heathier and safer than bottled water.

Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water?

Over 90 billion liters of bottled water are produced worldwide. Its popularity is rising but is it worth extra money? Is it safer than tap water? The experts say, “no.”

In the battle bottled water vs. tap water, there is no winner. It is up to you which type of water you will drink. But, Kuca Zdravlja Srbija is here to give you all the facts about both types of water. It is a mistake to assume that bottled water is safer and healthier than tap water. Almost all countries have regulations and rules of checking the quality of tap water. So, the bottled water is no safer or healthier than tap water in many countries. It is only more expensive. Why spend money on the same water when you can get it for free? Are you sure that water packed in the plastic bottles for a long time is safer than tap water? Are you sure?

However, choosing bottled water will not bring you anything better than drinking tap water. The standards for bottled water are the same as those for tap water.

Tap water
Tap water is regulated same the bottled water

Why Do People Choose Bottled Water vs. Tap Water?

Even we know that bottled water isn’t better than tap water, people usually answer that they prefer bottled water because of multiple reasons:

  1. Manufacturers market their bottled water as safe water from the healthy source
  2. Some people prefer the taste of bottled water
  3. Many have concerns over the safety of tap water
  4. To stay safe if living in an environment with unclean water
  5. It’s easy to take on the go
Voda iz slavine
Tap water is safe!

When to Choose Bottled Water

We know the winner in the debate bottled water vs. tap water. It is definitely the tap water – it is free and same regulated as bottled. But, besides the clear victory, bottled water is only better when you are recovering from a hurricane or other natural disaster. Also, if your town is compromised with bad tap water than you should drink bottled water.