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Best Food for Women in Menopause

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It seems unimportant, but food for women in menopause is very important. It is known that women in menopause are losing their hormones or experiencing frequent and very pronounced changes in hormone levels. Although they can not be controlled, foods for women in menopause can certainly have an effect on alleviating the consequences.

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You can relax time to time when feeling that menopause is not easy for you

Why is menopause diet so important?

Women in menopause may suffer from one or more health disorders.

• Due to the reduction of the hormone estrogen of the weak bone, they become brittle and broken and this condition leads to osteoporosis;

• Menopause slows down the metabolism which leads to high levels of cholesterol in the blood;

• Women with menopause often experience heart disease;

• Menopausal women can be specifically selected to alleviate menopausal symptoms which food for women in menopause could prevent – learn which food is best to boost your memory.

It is known that food can repair the immune system and strengthen the body. This is certainly the problem that ladies in the menopause have to deal with. You should know how minerals change our health. Learn why zinc is important in nutrition, too. As for foods for women in menopause, there is a list of foods that they should bring.

A women with pain in knees that could be prevented with food for women in menopause
Pain in joints could prevent food and minerals

What is the best food for women in menopause?

Most foods recommended to women are those that correct the condition of the body. Food for women in menopause is primarily related to the greatest health problems they have.


It is important to take water in every lifetime. However, women in menopause often suffer from dehydration. The cause is reduced estrogen levels. Dehydration leads to other problems, some of which may be very unpleasant. The minimum dose of water is eight glasses a day.


Everyone knows that calcium is essential for bone building. It must be included in food for women in menopause. It is necessary to administer at least 1 000 mg of calcium daily. See what is the best food for your bones. However, keep in mind that we do not usually feed it enough, so consider the supplements.

Vitamin D

Although naturally produced in the body, we somehow have too little. For women in menopause and how important it is for strengthening bones and immunity. You can take it in the form of a tablet.

Fruits and vegetables are great food for women in menopause

That’s what everyone knows, but somehow we do not have the habit of eating fruits. The best advice is to keep the fruit on the table so you will be constantly on your eyes. Also, learn to make salads and vegetable dishes.

A women near by water
Learn to deal with menopause symptoms

Whole grains

Cereals are full of fiber and are excellent for promoting digestion. In addition, it has been found that they contain minerals that are necessary for women in menopause.


It is necessary to maintain the level of hemoglobin. However, it is not necessary to take it in the form of supplements unless the doctor prescribes it. It is certain that you can include red meat in your diet as great food for women in menopause.


This seed is full of fibers and is excellent food for women in menopause. In addition, it has omega-3 acids and minerals.

What do you should not eat in menopause?

There is also a list of foods that are not recommended for women in menopause. It includes everything that is otherwise considered harmful. This includes alcohol, sugars, and caffeine. You should also avoid spicy foods. It is believed to increase urinary incontinence. It’s definitely not good food for women in menopause.