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Benefits of the Iodine in Your Diet


Benefits of the iodine in your diet are big even when we are not very aware of it. In recent years, there have been discussions about iodine and its importance. It is emphasized that it is important for the proper functioning of the body.

Benefits of the iodine in your diet is visible on your children, like these on the photo
Benefits of the iodine are the most important for the children

How to recognize benefits of the iodine in our diet?

It is possible to buy it in a pharmacy as a supplement. However, we prefer to include it in our diet. It certainly belongs to all the benefits of a vegan diet. Much has been said about its importance in recent years.

  • Iodine in the diet improves the work of the thyroid gland – since it literally protects the body, it is certainly necessary to take it in this way;
  • According to some studies, development of the brain and memory is one of the benefits of the iodine in your diet, while its deficiency gradually reduces brain functions;
  • For pregnant women, iodine is necessary because it protects brain cells and accelerates brain development – the defect can directly endanger the fetus and its development.

Why is it important to eat in the diet?

It has been established that, although very important for the organism, our organism cannot precipitate iodine. This means that as long as you take it, it will get out of the body as an excess. Scientists have determined that it is actually the only way to take iodine in the values ​​that are necessary through diet. In this way, the necessary quantity is constantly added. Also, scientists have found that a necessary amount of iodine for children under 8 years is 90 milligrams, up to 13 years 120 mg, and for adults 150 mg. Pregnant women should take 220 mg, which should increase to 250 mg when they are breast-feeding.

Some countries add iodine in kitchen salt

Iodine in the diet depends on the industry

Developed countries of the world have learned that iodine is essential and have found ways to bring this ingredient into foods that everyone consumes every day. In this way, at least one part of iodine is taken safe and every day. Since countries have studied the market in their own way, each country has its own iodized product.

A kitchen salt with iodine

It is interesting that in Serbia, the habit inherited from the SFRJ was retained to add iodine to the kitchen salt. According to the manufacturer, a quarter of a spoon of salt has about 100 mg of iodine. Almost enough for everyday consumption. However, keep in mind that we rarely take as much salt on our own. It is added to foods and salads, so it is possible to take less. It is estimated that a person takes only 300 micrograms of iodine in this way. Processed foods and snacks have not this type of salt. There are also mineral waters in our country that also contain iodine. America adds iodine to milk, so cows on farms take iodine.

Iodine in the diet

In addition to salt, you can take food that has been proven to contain iodine. For some of us, this food is not a daily habit. However, learn which are benefits of the iodine in your diet, as there are more and more diseases that are assumed to be indirectly related to iodine deficiency.

A pregnant woman
Iodine is very important for pregnant women


This is surely one of the health benefits of the sea. One of the foods in which there may be even the highest iodine is definitely sea fish, and most of all, cod. It is believed that it has as much as 22-45% of the necessary daily needs of the organism for this food. If you do not have the opportunity to buy this fish, you can take any seafood, like a mackerel that is much cheaper. It has been found that there is a lot of iodine in seaweed, so if you want to make sushi and increase iodine in the diet.

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